Venus in Sagittarius ♀ 2022

artist: Aleksandra Waliszewska Nov 15 – Dec 9, 2022 Venus: goddess of art, romance, pleasure, and beauty. Venus speaks to the heart. In Sagittarius, the heart can finally breathe. The heart can soar, run wild, escape. Sagittarius invites space and freedom; adventure and spontaneity. Every autumn we swim with Venus in Scorpio. Just as with Venus Read More

Venus in Scorpio ♀ 2022

Oct 23 –  Nov 15, 2022 With Venus in Libra since Sep 29, a whoooole lot of interpersonal tension and awkwardness has come to the surface. So far this transit has been ROUGH. But this is what Libra does every year, she forces us to examine our relationships (or really, ourselves). And if something’s not working, Read More

Venus in Libra ♀ 2022

artist: Amy Ross Sep 29 – Oct 23, 2022 Venus speaks to human connection and relationships. She is arriving now auspiciously in her home constellation of Libra. This is one of the most revealing transits of the year because it illuminates all of our dependencies in our various relationships. Where can we tighten up boundaries? Read More

Venus in Virgo ♀ 2022

artist: Helo Birdie Sep 4-29, 2022 With Venus in Leo for the last week or so, we are collectively kindling pride, sensuality, creativity, and inner fire. It’s a colorful and energizing time here on planet earth. Venus in Leo draws us closer to ourselves and opens the heart. This is a journey of self-discovery and self-love. Read More

Venus in Leo ♀ 2022

Aug 11 – Sep 4, 2022 With Venus in Cancer for the last couple weeks, we’ve been digging in the sand for love, softness, and forgiveness. Emotions roll in and out with the waves. We’re spending more time with ourselves, more time trying to understand our own nature. This is definitely an incubation period and should be Read More

Venus in Cancer ♀ 2022

July 17 – Aug 11, 2022 With Venus in Gemini for the last 2 weeks, we have been focusing on family and sibling relations and cultivating a more nuanced psychoanalytical understanding of our childhood. Talking with siblings and close friends reveals the power of synergy and the way we naturally complement one another’s qualities and perspectives. Read More

Venus in Gemini ♀ 2022

June 22 – July 17, 2022 When Venus spins in Gemini, the heart vacillates between affection and distance. This influence is fleeting yet powerful, like a breeze that starts and stops without warning. Gemini is a curious cat, ever seeking. With Venus in Gemini, life moves quickly. Thoughts are racing here, especially when it comes to Read More

Venus in Taurus ♀ 2022

May 28 – June 22, 2022 With Venus in Aries since May 2, we have experienced a cosmic fiery push in a new direction, especially in relationships. The great thing about having Venus in this constellation is that she infuses Aries with all of the things he naturally lacks: peace, harmony, wisdom, gentleness. And at the same Read More

Venus in Aries ♀ 2022

artist: Sander Berg May 2-28, 2022 With Venus in Pisces since the first week of April, relationships of all kinds have seen a climax and resolution unfold. Pisces is the last sign in the zodiac and represents endings. There is nothing rational or logical about this proverbial death process. Most of the time it’s actually just gut-wrenchingly Read More

Venus in Pisces ♀ 2022

artist: Zoe Lacchei Apr 5 – May 2, 2022 Venus in Pisces makes the heart soft and malleable. Pisces is the last sign in the zodiac, rainbow fins shining in the starlight. She is not rational or logical, but yielding, ethereal, otherworldly. Pisces swims in a sea of phantasmagoria, scales sparkling with seraphic wisdom, forever stretching, dissolving, blooming again. Read More

Venus in Aquarius ♀ 2022

Mar 5 – Apr 5, 2022 Venus in eccentric Aquarius has a heart that demands unlimited space and freedom. Prepare for a highly social, exploratory transit. Those born with Venus in Aquarius gravitate towards eclectic individuals/circumstances and often end up in unusual relationships or living situations. Aquarians are quirky friends indeed. This is an especially favorable time Read More

Venus Retrograde in Capricorn ♀ Dec 19-Jan 29

artist: Hao Liang Venus enters Capricorn: Nov 5 Venus Retrograde in Capricorn: Dec 19, 2021 – Jan 29, 2022 Venus enters Aquarius: Mar 5, 2022 Planets in retrograde are not actually spinning backwards. It’s just an optical illusion as seen from Earth. In astrology, this illusion manifests as a “backwards” functioning of the planetary roles. Click here to Read More

Venus in Capricorn ♀ 2021

Artist: Kawase Hasui  Jan 8 – Feb 1, 2021 Congratulations, you made it through 2020! Happy New Year! Venus is the goddess of art, romance, pleasure, and beauty. Venus in Capricorn encourages us to be more grounded and efficient. This means we will be more discerning now in our relationships. Capricorn, like his ruler Saturn, operates Read More

Venus Retrograde in Gemini ♀ 2020

Artist: Lydia OrtizV Venus Retrograde begins: May 12 Venus Retrograde ends: June 24 Venus enters Cancer: Aug 7 Planets in retrograde are not actually spinning backwards – it is an optical illusion as seen from Earth. Backwards motion appears to happen when Earth passes slower moving planets in the outer solar system. In astrology, this illusion manifests as Read More

Venus Retrograde ♀ 2018

Venus in Libra: Aug 6 – Sep 9 Venus in Scorpio: Sep 9 – Oct 5 Venus Retrograde in Scorpio: Oct 5-31 Venus Retrograde in Libra: Oct 31 – Nov 16 Venus in Libra: Nov 16 – Dec 2 Venus in Scorpio: Dec 2 – Jan 7, 2019 Planets in retrograde are not actually spinning Read More

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