Aries Yoga

Aries rules the head, brain, eyes, face and muscles.

Prana vayu udana //  Ayurvedic dosha : pitta

Meditation : solar plexus chakra

Pranayama: kapalabhati (skull polishing breath) / bhastrika

Take a seated position. Forcefully and rapidly engage the abdominal muscles, pulling the belly toward the spine to push air out through the nostrils. The inhales following the dynamic exhales will be automatic. Bhastrika is similar to kapalabhati except with inhale and exhale both being dynamic snort-like nostril breathing. Forceful inhale through the nose, forceful snort exhale, and so on. These pranayama oxygenate the blood, improve digestion and circulation, clear the sinuses and strengthen abdominal muscles. Kapalabhati first thing in the morning dissolves toxins that have been in the body all night, or longer. Focus on exhalation – the following inhale will come naturally, although this may take practice. It’s a good idea to blow your nose before starting. Practice for 30 to 60 seconds, return to your normal breath and observe, or take uddiyana bandha, drawing the visceral organs up behind the chest cavity after a full exhale. Repeat. Do not perform these pranayama if you are menstruating.


  1. surya namaskar (sun salutation) and sustained utthita chaturanga dandasana (plank)
  2. virabhadrasana 1 (warrior 1)
  3. virabhadrasana 2 (warrior 2), warrior 3, humble warrior, reverse warrior, any plank or warrior variation
  4. utkatasana (chair pose)
  5. sirsasana (headstand) – always start at a wall. Refrain from inversions during menstruation.

For optical health : Rub your palms together until warm and then gently press them against closed eyelids. Hold for 20 to 30 seconds. Release. Open your eyes and pick a point just in front of your face, perhaps allowing the eyes to cross. Next focus on a point farther from the face. Then focus on a wall or a nearby external object. Lastly focus on a spot that is far from you, preferably out a window. Retrace your focal points until your eyes come back to the original point in front of your nose. Next roll the eyes from corner to corner, starting in an upper corner. Roll through the periphery to the bottom, across to the opposite lower corner, up to the other top corner and then back to the start.

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