Full Moon in Sagittarius 🔥 June 14, 2022

artist: Tuco Amalfi Tuesday, June 14 @ 4.52 am PST We haven’t had a non-eclipse full moon in Sagittarius since 2019. This constellation has been an important emotional change point over the last few years with both lunar and solar eclipses falling here. All of this fire in the heart has allowed us to be Read More

Mars in Aries ♂ 2022

artist: Yayoi Kusama May 24 – July 4, 2022 Do you remember? The insanity of Mars Retrograde in Aries back in late 2020? Wind and fire raged across the Western US. Blood red skies, ash raining down. Apocalyptic. Everything melting and burning. So much uncertainty and confusion swirled around about what that fall was going to Read More

Jupiter in Aries ♃ 2022-2023

May 10, 2022 – May 16, 2023 It takes 12 years for Jupiter to circle the Sun. Twelve constellations in twelve years = one year per constellation. This upcoming year Jupiter will travel through none other than Aries, impatient and headstrong master of fire. Since May 2021, Jupiter has been spinning in and out of Pisces. Read More

First Quarter Moon in Leo ☽ May 8, 2022

Artist: Willian Santiago Sunday, May 8 at 5.22 pm PDT The solid Taurus sun squares the equally solid moon in Leo. The moon will rise at noon, peak at dusk, and set at midnight in all time zones. At the first quarter, we decide what to carry forward from the new moon into the rest of the Read More

Venus in Aries ♀ 2022

artist: Sander Berg May 2-28, 2022 With Venus in Pisces since the first week of April, relationships of all kinds have seen a climax and resolution unfold. Pisces is the last sign in the zodiac and represents endings. There is nothing rational or logical about this proverbial death process. Most of the time it’s actually just gut-wrenchingly Read More

New Moon in Aries 🍒 Mar 31, 2022

Thursday, Mar 31 @ 11.24 pm PST Happy new moon/new year everyone!! Spring is here!! Aries season is inherently energizing and exciting, like a baby lamb born at the crack of dawn, cries cutting through the still air. Last month we had the new moon in Pisces, the lowest energy point of the year. The new moon in Aries is Read More

Mercury in Aries ☿ 2022

artist: Lisa Winter Mar 27 – Apr 10, 2022 Mercury rules the mind, communication, and the throat chakra. Mercury in Aries sweeps us right into the astrological new year with a fiery boom and blast. Aries is the first sign in the zodiac, providing a fresh start and rebirth. Mercury: guardian of travel; orator, poet, soothsayer, healer, Read More

Aries Season 🐑 Spring Equinox 2022

artist: Raymond Douillet Mar 20 (Spring Equinox) – Apr 20, 2022 Your sun sign is just one planet in your star soup. Curious about the rest? Contact me for a natal chart reading! From the belly of a long, strange dream, you awaken. The earth is cold and night yet all around. You crawl to the Read More

Last Quarter Moon in Sagittarius ☾ Feb 23, 2022

artist: Zach Meyer Wednesday, Feb 23 @ 2.32pm PDT The Waning Last Quarter Moon rises at midnight, peaks at dawn, and sets at noon in all time zones. At this station, the starry-eyed moon in Sagittarius squares the wavy Sun in Pisces. Last quarter moons are turning points. They clear the way for the new moon / new Read More

Full Moon in Leo 🐱 Feb 16, 2022

Artist: Yumiko Kayukawa Wednesday, Feb 16 at 8:56 am PDT Happy full moon! The February full moon is called the Snow Moon. I think the snow leopard is without a doubt the perfect animal to represent this year’s Full Snow Moon in Leo. Enjoy these feline vibes. The moon will rise at sunset, peak at midnight Read More

First Quarter Moon in Aries ☽ Jan 9, 2022

Artist: Linda James Sunday, Jan 9 @ 10:11 am PST The methodical Sun in Capricorn squares the spicy moon in Aries. Moonrise at noon, peak at dusk, moonset at midnight in all time zones. First quarter moons bring forward vital information for the full moon. This quarter moon follows the New Moon in Capricorn. On Jan 15 the moon Read More

Mars in Sagittarius ♂ Dec 13 – Jan 24

Dec 13, 2021 – Jan 24, 2022 artist: A. Moleski Mars in Sagittarius feels like holy shit now what? after a powerful transit through Scorpio. In Sagittarius, we make sense of all the changes rendered by the scorpion. Take a deep breath and give yourself a hug because we really are coming out of an intense cycle. The Read More

Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius ♐️ Dec 3, 2021

artist: Germaine Arnaktauyok Friday, Dec 3 at 11:44 pm PDT Happy new moon and happy eclipse! This total solar eclipse will only be visible in Antarctica. Viewers in parts of southern Africa may see a partial eclipse. Solar eclipses mean emotional rebirth. Moon swallows sun. Incubate this fire and water. This is happening in the constellation of Sagittarius, Read More

Mercury in Sagittarius ☿ 2021

artist: Guugorou Nov 24 – Dec 13, 2021 When we look up at the sky and divide it into 360 degrees, we see that Mercury is never more than 45 degrees from the sun. These planets stay clustered together from our perspective on earth because Mercury is much closer to the sun. This is true Read More

Sagittarius Season ♐️ 2021

artist: Jacek Irzykowski Nov 21 – Dec 21, 2021 Your sun sign is just one planet in your star soup. Curious about the rest? Contact me for a natal chart reading. Happy birthday centaurs! I wish I were in a more cheerful mood to write about Sagittarius Season, but alas I have come down with the Read More

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