Mars in Taurus ♂ 2022

artist: Lindy Kehoe July 4 – Aug 20, 2022 Mars: fiery warrior of the solar system, ruler of the body and all its carnal urges. Mars channels fresh, invigorating energy into the body, like the first day of spring. With Mars in Aries since late May, we have felt martial essence in its purest form, coursing Read More

First Quarter Moon in Virgo ☽ June 7, 2022

artist: Ikegami Yoriyuki Tuesday, June 7 @ 7.49 am PST The fleeting Gemini sun squares the waxing moon in Virgo. The moon will rise at noon, peak at dusk, and set at midnight in all time zones. At the first quarter, we decide what to carry forward from the new moon. This moon phase follows the New Read More

Venus in Taurus ♀ 2022

May 28 – June 22, 2022 With Venus in Aries since May 2, we have experienced a cosmic fiery push in a new direction, especially in relationships. The great thing about having Venus in this constellation is that she infuses Aries with all of the things he naturally lacks: peace, harmony, wisdom, gentleness. And at the same Read More

Mercury Retrograde ☿ Spring 2022

artist: Chantal Horeis Mercury enters Taurus: Apr 10 Mercury enters Gemini: Apr 29 Mercury Retrograde in Gemini: May 10-22 Mercury Retrograde in Taurus: May 22 – June 3 Mercury direct in Taurus: June 3-13 Mercury direct in Gemini: June 13 – July 4 Planets in retrograde are not actually spinning backwards – it is an Read More

Solar Eclipse in Taurus 🐮 Apr 30, 2022

artist: Lisa Winter Saturday, Apr 30 @ 1:41 pm PST Happy new moon and happy eclipse! This partial solar eclipse will only be visible in southern South America and parts of Antarctica. Solar eclipses are emotional rebirths. Moon swallows sun. This is happening in the constellation of Taurus, the first earth sign in the trilogy. The most recent Read More

Pluto Retrograde 🐐 2022

Artist: Loretta Egan Apr 29 – Oct 8, 2022 Planets in retrograde are not actually spinning backwards – it is an optical illusion as seen from Earth. Backwards motion appears to happen when Earth passes slower moving planets in the outer solar system. In astrology, this illusion manifests as a “backwards” functioning of the planetary roles. Click here Read More

Taurus Season 🐮 2022

Artist: Lobsang Melendez Ahuanari Apr 20 – May 20, 2022 Happy birthday my fellow sacred cows! TAURUS IS THE BEST :) Soul forest, freshly burned, ravaged by the carnelian flames of the Aries sun, lay on this earth now and let your heartbeat take you down, your breath down, down into the pungent soil. All Read More

Last Quarter Moon in Capricorn ☾ Mar 24, 2022

artist: Rei Morimura Thursday, Mar 24 @ 10.37 pm PDT First moon phase of Aries Season 2022! The Waning Last Quarter Moon rises at midnight, peaks at dawn, and sets at noon all over the world, no matter your time zone. At this station, the pragmatic moon in Capricorn squares the impulsive Aries Sun. In Capricorn the moon is in Read More

Full Worm Moon in Virgo ♍ Mar 18, 2022

artist: Zhang Yidan Friday, Mar 18 @ 12:17 am PDT The March full moon is called the Worm Moon, with earthworm castings beginning to reappear in the soil. The moon will rise at sunset, peak at midnight and set at sunrise all over the world, no matter your time zone. Sun and moon oppose one Read More

First Quarter Moon in Taurus ☽ Feb 8, 2022

Tuesday, Feb 8 @ 5:49 am PST The unpredictable Sun in Aquarius squares the solid moon in Taurus. Moonrise at noon, peak at dusk, moonset at midnight in all time zones. First quarter moons bring forward vital information for the full moon. They help clarify our plans. This quarter moon follows the unsettling New Moon in Aquarius. On Feb 14 Read More

Mars in Capricorn ♂ 2022

Jan 24 – Mar 5, 2022 Mars in Sagittarius has been…interesting. We’re flying through space faster than ever. This cycle was a little more chaotic and scattered than I had hoped. Sagittarius is not an energy that responds well to (re)direction. We’re still learning to ask all the important questions, do our research, and listen to Read More

Mercury Retrograde ☿ Winter 2022

artist: Tuco Amalfi Mercury enters Capricorn: Dec 13, 2021 Mercury enters Aquarius: Jan 1, 2022 Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius: Jan 14-25, 2022 Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn: Jan 25 – Feb 3, 2022 Mercury direct in Capricorn: Feb 3-14, 2022 Mercury direct in Aquarius: Feb 14 – Mar 9, 2022 Planets in retrograde are not actually Read More

New Moon in Capricorn 🐐 Jan 2, 2022

artist: Sander Berg Sunday, Jan 2 at 10.33 am PST Every month the moon spins into the same constellation as the sun. This lunar-solar conjunction is what we call a new moon. This January the moon and sun rise silently together in the earthen kingdom of Capricorn. First moon phase of 2022! In Capricorn the moon is in Read More

Capricorn Season 🐐 Winter Solstice 2021

Dec 21, 2021 (Winter Solstice) – Jan 19, 2022 Your sun sign is just one planet in your star soup. Curious about the rest? Contact me for a natal chart reading. Happy birthday goats! We’ve entered the final quadrant of the zodiac, arriving now at Capricorn the Sea Goat. As the last earth sign in the Read More

Venus Retrograde in Capricorn ♀ Dec 19-Jan 29

artist: Hao Liang Venus enters Capricorn: Nov 5 Venus Retrograde in Capricorn: Dec 19, 2021 – Jan 29, 2022 Venus enters Aquarius: Mar 5, 2022 Planets in retrograde are not actually spinning backwards. It’s just an optical illusion as seen from Earth. In astrology, this illusion manifests as a “backwards” functioning of the planetary roles. Click here to Read More

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