Capricorn Yoga


Capricorn rules the bones, joints, knees and teeth.

Prana vayu : apana or samana  //  Ayurvedic dosha vata

Meditation : earth connection / stillness & silence / muladhara (root chakra)

Bhramari : Bhramari is often called bumblebee breath. Place your thumbs on your ears, with your other fingers resting on the top of your skull. Close your eyes and your lips, then gently close your teeth together. Begin to hum or make the sound of OM with your thumbs pressed over your ears. By moving your teeth around slightly, you will be able to create many different sounds and sensations inside the skull. Hum 10 times, making the OM as long and deep as possible. Remove your hands from your head and observe with eyes still closed.

Asana :

  1. virasana (hero’s pose)
  2. dandasana (staff pose)
  3. paschimottanasana (wide-legged forward bend) and janu sirsasana (seated one-legged forward fold, or seated tree pose)
  4. padmasana (lotus pose) or half lotus / when standing: bound half lotus
  5. gomukhasana (cow-faced pose)

Joint circling : From the ground up! Make circles on the earth by gently rolling over the toes of one foot in one direction and then the other. Add in the ankles with wider movements. Other foot! Then take your hands to the knees, bend slightly and circle here as well, changing directions. Move the hands to the hips and circle here, changing directions. Then we’ll open the shoulders. There are many shoulder opening exercises, some of which you can find in Gemini Yoga. You can simply roll the shoulders back and forth or hold a strap in between your hands (about 2 feet apart) and make gigantic circles around your head, maintaining the distance between your hands. With all movements, make sure you do at least 12 rotations.

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