Mars in Taurus ♂ 2024

artist: Lindy Kehoe June 8 – July 20, 2024 Mars rules Aries, so he has been “at home” for this most recent transit, and holy shit he does not fuck around when he’s hanging at home, silhouetted by dry, blood red plateaus. Emotional and sexual energy surge. The ego balloons to ridiculous proportions. Mars in Read More

Mars in Aries ♂ 2024

artist: Daniel Martin Diaz Apr 30 – June 8, 2024 With Mars in Pisces since the Spring Equinox, chapters are ending. Some of them have closed forcefully and suddenly, as though out of nowhere. Only half-pieces of dreams remain. Life slows and flows in vague, nebulous directions. In this long, strange dream, Mars in Pisces asks us Read More

Mars in Pisces ♂ 2024

artist: Jessica Foster Mar 22 – Apr 30, 2024 With Mars in Aquarius since mid-February, our warrior spirit is more (re)active than usual. We are learning to choose our words carefully. Mars in Aquarius is an emotional, unbreakably stubborn creature. Aquarius swings between ideals and conflicts, dreams and reality. He loves to move and explore; Read More

Mars in Aquarius ♂ 2024

artist: Tuco Amalfi Feb 13 – Mar 22, 2024 Since the new year, Mars in Capricorn has asked us to be productive and serious. It’s been depressing af. Whyyy Capricorn, why do you have to be so heavy? Soon we can pause the nonstop worrying about work, money, and security. We can fucking relax, decompress. Read More

Mars in Capricorn ♂ 2024

Jan 4 – Feb 13, 2024 Mars in Sagittarius has been verrryyyy fucking fun. It’s been pure fire and excitement. Sagittarius is enthusiastic, optimistic, master of the law of attraction. The pace of life has spiraled into blissful insanity. Mars in Sagittarius has allowed us to be more spontaneous and enjoy many new experiences and adventures. Read More

Mars in Sagittarius ♂ Nov 24 – Jan 4

artist: A. Moleski Nov 24, 2023 – Jan 4, 2024 With Mars in Sagittarius, we make sense of all the changes rendered by Mars in Scorpio. Take a deep breath and give yourself a hug because we really are coming out of an intense cycle. The most difficult work is over. Mars in Scorpio made Read More

Mars in Scorpio ♂ 2023

artist: Willian Santiago Oct 11 – Nov 24, 2023 With Mars in Libra since late August, we have been more focused than ever on interpersonal relationships and community. This transit brings an influx of love, peace, balance, and harmony to our lives. Mars in Scorpio takes us on a completely different journey, beneath the surface of Read More

Mars in Libra ♂ 2023

Aug 27 – Oct 11, 2023 Artist: Moki Mioke With Mars in Virgo since early July, brain and body have been massively stimulated. Life appears to be moving even more quickly. Mars in Virgo gives us direction and ambition. This is not a time to sit back and watch the world go by. There is a Read More

Mars in Virgo ♂ 2023

artist: Erwin Lichtenegger & Lore Kutschera July 10 – Aug 27, 2023 With Mars in Leo since late May, we are strengthening our relationship with ourselves. We are becoming more resilient and independent. Mars in Leo is also about friendship, creativity, and loyalty. Let’s take this fire with us on the next journey. Are you Read More

Mars in Leo ♂ 2023

artist: Broken Fingaz May 20 – July 10, 2023 Mars: fiery warrior of the solar system, ruler of the body, health, sex, and will power. With Mars in Cancer since late March, we have been slowly, painfully reconnecting with our creativity and emotional life. Mars in Cancer exposed our most tender yearnings for love, home, Read More

Mars in Cancer 🦀 2023

artist: Isobelle Ouzman Mar 25 – May 20, 2023 Mars: fiery warrior of the solar system, ruler of the body and its carnal urges. Mars channels fresh, invigorating energy into the body, like the first day of spring. We’re coming out of a pretty brutal Mars Retrograde in Gemini, so breathe a sigh of relief that Read More

Mars Retrograde in Gemini ♂ Oct 30 – Jan 12

artist: Gordon Mortensen Mars enters Gemini: Aug 20, 2022 Mars Retrograde in Gemini: Oct 30, 2022 – Jan 12, 2023 Mars enters Cancer: Mar 25, 2023 Planets in retrograde are not spinning backwards – it is an optical illusion as seen from Earth due to the fact that planets travel at their own respective speeds Read More

Mars in Gemini ♂ 2021

artist: Chantal Horeis Mar 3 – Apr 23, 2021 Mars: fiery warrior of the solar system, ruler of the body and all its carnal urges. Mars channels fresh, invigorating energy into the body, like the first day of spring. With Mars in Taurus since Jan 6, life has slowed way down.Even though it’s a sleepy influence, Read More

Mars Retrograde in Aries ♂ 2020

Artist: SnakeEye Art Mars enters Aries: June 27, 2020 Mars Retrograde in Aries: Sep 9 – Nov 13, 2020 Mars enters Taurus: Jan 6, 2021  COMIN IN HOT ***One day before Mars Retrograde right now (Sep 8) and the wind and fires are RAGING here in Oregon. Last night my brother and my partner’s brother Read More

Mars Retrograde ♂ 2018

Mars Retrograde in Aquarius: June 26 – Aug 12 Mars Retrograde in Capricorn: Aug 12 – 27 Mars in Capricorn: Aug 27 – Sep 10 Mars in Aquarius: Sep 10 – Nov 15 Planets in retrograde are not actually spinning backwards – it is entirely an optical illusion as seen from Earth. Backwards motion appears to happen Read More

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