Welcome to the ZenRen galaxy!

My name is Ren E.T. I am an astrologer, writer, artist, former yoga instructor, AMI certified Montessori teacher, and professional hedonist. I have lived, worked, and studied in Michigan, Boston, Montana, California, Oregon, France, and India. I currently live in Mexico City.

hablo español ~ et je parle français aussi

See my badass wool art on Instagram @lanitascdmx

Astrology readings can be completed in person or remotely, distance is not an issue.

I haven’t taught yoga for many years now but still want to say: Yoga is not a part of my culture and does not belong to me. I readily invite constructive criticism. I am committed to learning more about cultural appropriation, white supremacy, and racism.

All photographs featured on blog posts are my original works unless otherwise indicated ~

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