First Quarter Moon in Sagittarius #2 ☽ Sep 22, 2023

artist: Graham Franciose Friday, Sep 22 ☽ 12:32 pm PDT Just 12 hours before the Fall Equinox/demarcation between Virgo & Libra Season, we have round 2 of the first quarter moon in mutable fire sign Sagittarius. Round 1 was Aug 24, the day after Virgo Season + Mercury Retrograde began. This waxing moon prepares us for yet another super full Read More

First Quarter Moon in Sagittarius ☽ Aug 24, 2023

artist: Tanya P. Johnson Thursday, Aug 24 ☽ 3:57 am CDT Just one day after Virgo Season begins – and Mercury Retrograde too! – we have the 1st moon phase of Virgo Season 2023 in mutable fire sign Sagittarius. This waxing moon prepares us for a super blue full moon on Aug 30. This moon phase Read More

Full Strawberry Moon in Sagittarius 🍓 June 3, 2023

artist: Deanna King Saturday, June 3 @ 9:42 pm CDT We haven’t had a regular full moon in Sagittarius since 2016! This constellation has been a crucial emotional change point over the last 7 years with all kinds of supermoons and lunar and solar eclipses. This full moon follows the First Quarter Moon in Virgo and it is Read More

Last Quarter Moon in Sagittarius ☾ Mar 14, 2023

artist: Lou Benesch Tuesday, Mar 14 at 7:08 pm PDT The Waning Last Quarter Moon rises at midnight, peaks at dawn, and sets at noon in all time zones. At this station, the starry-eyed moon in Sagittarius squares the wavy Sun in Pisces. Last quarter moons are turning points. They clear the way for the new moon / Read More

New Moon in Sagittarius ♐ Nov 23, 2022

Wednesday, Nov 23 @ 2:57 pm PST Every month the moon spins into the same constellation as the sun. This lunar-solar conjunction is what we call a new moon. This month the moon and sun sparkle together in vivacious Sagittarius, the first moon phase of Sag Season 2022. In 2020 and 2021, the new moons in Read More

Sagittarius Season ♐️ 2022

artist: Nartissima Nov 22 – Dec 21, 2022 Your sun sign is just one planet in your star soup. Curious about the rest? Contact me for a natal chart reading. Happy birthday centaurs! Finally Scorpio Season draws to a close. It’s been rough this year. Why does the scorpion make us confront our most powerful fears? Read More

Mercury in Sagittarius ☿ 2022

artist: Guugorou Nov 17 – Dec 6, 2022 When we look up at the sky and divide it into 360 degrees, we see that Mercury is never more than 45 degrees from the sun. These planets stay clustered together from our perspective on earth because Mercury is much closer to the sun. This is true Read More

Venus in Sagittarius ♀ 2022

artist: Aleksandra Waliszewska Nov 15 – Dec 9, 2022 Venus: goddess of art, romance, pleasure, and beauty. Venus speaks to the heart. In Sagittarius, the heart can finally breathe. The heart can soar, run wild, escape. Sagittarius invites space and freedom; adventure and spontaneity. Every autumn we swim with Venus in Scorpio. Just as with Venus Read More

Super Strawberry Moon in Sagittarius 🔥 June 14, 2022

artist: Tuco Amalfi Tuesday, June 14 @ 4.52 am PST We haven’t had a non-eclipse full moon in Sagittarius since 2019. This constellation has been an important emotional change point over the last few years with both lunar and solar eclipses falling here. All of this fire in the heart has allowed us to be Read More

Mars in Sagittarius ♂ Dec 13 – Jan 24

Dec 13, 2021 – Jan 24, 2022 artist: A. Moleski Mars in Sagittarius feels like holy shit now what? after a powerful transit through Scorpio. In Sagittarius, we make sense of all the changes rendered by the scorpion. Take a deep breath and give yourself a hug because we really are coming out of an intense cycle. The Read More

Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius ♐️ Dec 3, 2021

artist: Germaine Arnaktauyok Friday, Dec 3 at 11:44 pm PDT Happy new moon and happy eclipse! This total solar eclipse will only be visible in Antarctica. Viewers in parts of southern Africa may see a partial eclipse. Solar eclipses mean emotional rebirth. Moon swallows sun. Incubate this fire and water. This is happening in the constellation of Sagittarius, Read More

Super Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius ♐️ May 26, 2021

artist: Tanya Shatseva Wednesday, May 26 at 4:14 am PST This full moon is a supermoon and total lunar eclipse. This is the third of four supermoons in 2021, all happening right in a row – and this one is the closest and largest of the year! A supermoon can be a full moon or new moon, Read More

Strawberry Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius ♐️ June 5, 2020

Artist: Rebecca Flaum Friday, June 5 at 12.24pm PST Happy full moon! Happy lunar eclipse! The June full moon is called the Strawberry Moon as it coincides with berry ripening season. In Europe, it is sometimes called the Rose Moon.  Golden strawberries of cosmic wisdom ripen in honey crystal caves, dropping softly into the basket of Read More

Jupiter Retrograde in Sagittarius ♃ 2019

Apr 10 – Aug 11, 2019 Planets in retrograde are not actually spinning backwards – it is entirely an optical illusion as seen from Earth. Backwards motion appears to happen when Earth passes slower moving planets in the outer solar system. In astrology, this illusion manifests as a “backwards” functioning of the planetary roles. Click here to learn Read More

Mercury Retrograde ☿ Winter 2018

Art: “To and Fro” by agnes-cecile Mercury Retrograde in Sagittarius: Nov 16 – Dec 1 Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio: Dec 1 – 6 Mercury in Scorpio: Dec 6 – 12 Mercury in Sagittarius: Dec 12 – Jan 4 Planets in retrograde are not actually spinning backwards – it is entirely an optical illusion as seen Read More

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