Mercury in Scorpio ☿ 2023

artist: Christian Broutain Oct 21 – Nov 9, 2023 Mercury in Libra for the last few weeks has been hard on the heart and spirit but damn we’re learning a lot, and that’s good right?! This transit was a powerful lesson on relating to other humans in a peaceful, harmonious way. Libra swings in the Read More

Mars in Scorpio ♂ 2023

artist: Willian Santiago Oct 11 – Nov 24, 2023 With Mars in Libra since late August, we have been more focused than ever on interpersonal relationships and community. This transit brings an influx of love, peace, balance, and harmony to our lives. Mars in Scorpio takes us on a completely different journey, beneath the surface of Read More

Jupiter Retrograde in Taurus 🐮 2023

Sep 4 – Dec 30, 2023 artist: Ori Toor Planets in retrograde are not moving backwards – it is an optical illusion as seen from Earth. Click here to learn more about retrograde motion. Jupiter turns retrograde for 4 months each year. Jupiter Retrograde is when we go back and revisit lessons of a spiritual or philosophical nature. Read More

Uranus Retrograde in Taurus ♅ Aug 28 – Jan 27

Aug 28, 2023 – Jan 27, 2024 Planets in retrograde are not spinning backwards – it is an optical illusion as seen from Earth due to the fact that planets travel at their own respective speeds around the sun. In astrology, this illusion manifests as a “backwards” functioning of the planetary roles. Click here to learn more Read More

New Moon in Leo 🐱 Aug 16, 2023

artist: Louis Wain Wed, Aug 16 @ 3:38 am CDT This month’s New Moon falls in the constellation of the fiery lion. Leo speaks to our heart, identity, narrative, and sense of Self. It’s about how all of those things get wrapped up together. It’s about expression, creation, emotion, dance, art, music – all of Read More

Last Quarter Moon in Taurus ☾ Aug 8, 2023

Tuesday, Aug 8 ☾ 4:28 am CDT The Waning Last Quarter Moon rises at midnight, peaks at dawn, and sets at noon all over the world. At this station, the earthy moon in Taurus squares the colorful Leo sun. Last quarter moons are turning points or crossroads, clearing the way for the new moon / new Read More

Super Sturgeon Moon in Aquarius ♒ Aug 1, 2023

artist: Christopher Fox Tuesday, Aug 1 @ 12:32 pm CDT The August full moon is called the Sturgeon Moon as it coincides with abundant fish catches. Moonrise at sunset, peak at midnight, moonset at sunrise all over the world. This is the second of 4 supermoons this year, all happening right in a row (July, Read More

First Quarter Moon in Scorpio ☽ July 25, 2023

artist: Paul Lewin Tuesday, July 25 @ 4:07 pm CDT First moon phase of Leo Season 2023 ~ At this station the explosive Leo sun squares the waxing moon in Scorpio. Moonrise at noon, peak at dusk, moonset at midnight in all time zones. This moon phase follows the restorative New Moon in Cancer on July 17. Read More

Leo Season 🦁 2023

artist: Maria Prymachenko (Ukraine) July 22 – Aug 23, 2023 Your sun sign is just one planet in your star soup. Curious about the rest? Contact me for a natal chart reading ~ Happy birthday to all the powerful lions, tigers, ocelots, kitties, jaguars and leopards on planet Earth ✨ Welcome to the Kingdom of Leo, Read More

Venus Retrograde in Leo ♀ 2023

artist: Yuko Higuchi Venus enters Leo: June 5 Venus Retrograde in Leo: July 22 – Sep 3 Venus enters Virgo: Oct 8 Venus was last retrograde in Leo 8 years ago, from July 31-Sep 6, 2015. Planets in retrograde are not actually spinning backwards. It’s just an optical illusion as seen from Earth. In astrology, this Read More

Mercury in Leo ☿ 2023

artist: Kiyoshi Saito July 10 – 28, 2023 With Mercury in Cancer for the last week, we’re striving for gentler, softer communication. This includes self-communication as we carefully yet earnestly ask ourselves the hard questions. Are you listening to your heart? This is a divine opportunity to heal, to let the heart inform the mind of what Read More

Pluto Retrograde ♇ 2023

artist: Vanja Vukelić Pluto Retrograde in Aquarius: May 1 – June 11 Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn: June 11 – Oct 10 Planets in retrograde are not actually spinning backwards – it is an optical illusion as seen from Earth. Backwards motion appears to happen when Earth passes slower moving planets in the outer solar system. In astrology, this Read More

Mars in Leo ♂ 2023

artist: Broken Fingaz May 20 – July 10, 2023 Mars: fiery warrior of the solar system, ruler of the body, health, sex, and will power. With Mars in Cancer since late March, we have been slowly, painfully reconnecting with our creativity and emotional life. Mars in Cancer exposed our most tender yearnings for love, home, Read More

New Moon in Taurus 🐮 May 19, 2023

artist: Robin Eisenberg Friday, May 19 at 9:53 am CDT Recently we had TWO new moons in Aries, astrological new year x2. This upcoming new moon is in earth sign Taurus, arriving at the end of yet another lovely Taurus Season. Visualize a dwelling deep in the woods. Leafy green vegetation; brilliant fruits; a cacophony Read More

Jupiter in Taurus ♃ 2023-2024

artist: Rain Szeto May 16, 2023 – May 25, 2024 It takes 12 years for Jupiter to circle the Sun. Twelve constellations in twelve years = one year per constellation. This next year Jupiter travels through Taurus, goddess of all things green and earthy. Since May 2022, Jupiter has been playing with fire in Aries. Jupiter in Aries has Read More

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