Venus in Libra ♀ 2023

artist: Amy Ross Nov 8 – Dec 4, 2023 Venus speaks to human connection and relationships, especially now as she arrives auspiciously in her home constellation of Libra. This is one of the most revealing transits of the year. Venus in Libra looks at patterns of communication and codependence and asks how our relationships reflect Read More

Last Quarter Moon in Leo ☾ Nov 5, 2023

artist: Cassandra Jean Sunday, Nov 5 @ 2:37 am CDT The Waning Last Quarter Moon rises at midnight, peaks at dawn, and sets at noon all over the world. Here the fierce moon in Leo squares the equally fierce Scorpio sun. Last quarter moons are turning points or crossroads, clearing the way for the new moon / new Read More

Lunar Eclipse in Taurus ♉️ Oct 28, 2023

artist: Yoko Tanji (aka Sicca) Saturday, Oct 28 @ 1:24 pm PST Happy full moon! Happy lunar eclipse! The October full moon is called the Hunter’s Moon. The moon will rise at sunset, peak at midnight and set at sunrise all over the world. Eclipses can be full or partial. The earth’s shadow consists of two parts: Read More

Scorpio Season 🦂 2023

Oct 23 – Nov 22, 2023 Your sun sign is just one planet in your star soup. Curious about the rest? Contact me for a natal chart reading. Welcome, weary travelers, welcome to my little cave of starry wisdom. Pelvis-deep in the zodiac wheel, creeping now into Scorpio’s haunted house. Scorpio is a black widow; a Read More

Mercury in Scorpio ☿ 2023

artist: Christian Broutain Oct 21 – Nov 9, 2023 Mercury in Libra for the last few weeks has been hard on the heart and spirit but damn we’re learning a lot, and that’s good right?! This transit was a powerful lesson on relating to other humans in a peaceful, harmonious way. Libra swings in the Read More

First Quarter Moon in Capricorn ☽ Oct 21, 2023

artist: Gio Swaby Saturday, Oct 21 at 8:29 pm PST The Libra sun squares the waxing moon in Capricorn. Moonrise at noon, peak at dusk, moonset at midnight in all time zones. This quarter moon follows the powerful New Moon Solar Eclipse in Libra. The first quarter is when we decide what we will take with us from the Read More

Solar Eclipse in Libra ♎️ Oct 14, 2023

artist: Żaneta Antosik Saturday, Oct 14 ⚖ 10:59 am PDT Happy new moon, happy solar eclipse! This one is a partial, annular solar eclipse. OOooohhhh and it comes one day after Friday the 13th. This solar eclipse will be visible from most of North & South America. The ecliptic path will go right through Oregon, I feel Read More