Full Moon in Scorpio ♏ Apr 23, 2024

artist: Danial Ryan Tuesday, Apr 23 🦂 5:49 pm CDT We haven’t had a regular (non-eclipse, non-supermoon) full moon in Scorpio since 2019! This will be the first moon phase of Taurus Season 2024. The April full moon is called the Pink Moon 🌸 It also marks Lunar Beltane 🌸 Luna rises at sunset, peaks at Read More

Taurus Season 🐮 2024

artist: Lobsang Melendez Ahuanari Apr 19 – May 20, 2024 Happy birthday, my fellow sacred cows! TAURUS IS THE BEST ♉️ Soul forest freshly burned, ravaged by the carnelian flames of the Aries sun, lay on this earth now. Let your heartbeat take you down, your breath down, down into the pungent soil. All is Read More

First Quarter Moon in Cancer ☽ Apr 15, 2024

artist: Jun’ichiro Sekino Monday, Apr 15 @ 7:32 pm PST The restless Aries sun squares the emotive moon in Cancer. The moon rules Cancer, so she is “at home” here. At the waxing first quarter moon, we decide what we will keep from the new lunar cycle. Quarter phases help clarify our plans post-new moon. This quarter follows Read More

Solar Eclipse in Aries 🐑 Apr 8, 2024

artist: Bang Sangho Monday, Apr 8 @ 12:17 pm CDT Happy new moon, happy solar eclipse! This total solar eclipse will be visible primarily from North America. The path of totality is passing through northern México and the US, it’s gonna be dope! Click here for more technical info about the eclipse. An eclipse never comes Read More

Venus in Aries ♀ 2024

artist: Sander Berg Apr 4-19, 2024 With Venus in Pisces for the last week, we are seeing a climax and resolution unfold in our most important relationships. Pisces is the last sign in the zodiac and represents endings. This proverbial death process is not easy. It’s actually gut-wrenchingly awkward, if not hurtful or confusing. The flight response Read More

Last Quarter Moon in Capricorn ☾ Apr 1, 2024

artist: Lui Ferreyra Monday, Apr 1 🌿 9:15 pm CDT The Waning Last Quarter Moon rises at midnight, peaks at dawn, and sets at noon in all time zones. At this station, the solemn moon in Capricorn squares the lusty Aries Sun. Last quarter moons are turning points, clearing the way for the new moon / Read More