Pluto entered cardinal earth sign Capricorn in January 2008 and will transit here until 2023.

Rules: Scorpio (fixed water)   //   masculine energy

Pluto is the part of our soul that yearns for transformation and rebirth.

Pluto is known as the God of the Underworld, and so it is within the human psyche. Pluto lives in the subconscious, particularly in the dark caverns we often avoid.

It takes Pluto about 248 years to circle the Sun, so he has yet to make a full orbit since being the last planet discovered in 1930. Well, I guess I should say the last “plutoid” since he was bumped from planetary status in 2006. (Technically a plutoid is a celestial body orbiting beyond Neptune that is large enough to have a rounded shape. There are probably thousands in the solar system, but only four are officially recognized. It is hypothesized that Uranus’ unique axis of rotation may have been caused by collision with a plutoid and that Triton, the largest moon of Neptune, is likely a captured plutoid.) He is quite small, only one-sixth the mass of our Moon. Pluto has five moons, the largest of which, Charon, is more than half his size. During certain times of the year, Pluto actually comes closer to the Sun than Neptune. The first-ever spacecraft landed on Pluto on July 14, 2015; the probe is named New Horizons.

In astrology, we can learn more about the planets by looking to the signs they rule, and vice versa. Pluto rules fixed water Scorpio. This sign has a reputation for being intense, powerful and mysterious. Pluto operates as the master of metamorphosis. Every time we reach a major turning point in life – whenever we make huge, life-altering decisions – Plutonian energy is present. Pluto represents the shift, the changeover from one realm to another. Through Pluto we are destroyed and then renewed, emerging into a completely different way of being and living.

Often the endings and beginnings brought about by Pluto are a result of spiritual growth. Pluto asks us to reach deep within the soul to understand our truth and purpose. He begs the question, what does it all mean? Pluto desires total understanding above all. However, to reach this state, we are forced to examine even our “ugly side.” Like Saturn, nothing slips by Pluto. He will not allow you to evolve without seeing yourself as you really are, flaws and all. Pluto is often associated with death. In many ways, this is accurate. Pluto’s lessons are so all-encompassing and irreversible that it often feels like a part of us has died in the process.

Pluto rules fear, obsession, destruction, power and control. There are times when we want to look away from the mirror, hide under the bed and pretend that none of this is happening. Pluto is the one who drags you out and forces you to deal with your problems. Refusal is futile. Lack of acknowledgement only feeds Pluto’s dark energy. Changes will be thrown at us rather than handed down gently. When taken to the extreme, Plutonian energy is controlling, self-destructive and power-hungry.

Think of Pluto as an expedition into the tunnels of the netherworld. He encourages us to explore, to make mistakes and confront reality with a no-nonsense attitude. I know I’m making Pluto sound kind of scary, but there is really nothing to fear. In fact, Pluto’s greatest lesson is that fear is your only roadblock. The more we allow fear to override everything, the harder it is to move forward. The Universe only gives us obstacles that we are capable of overcoming. You can make the jump, you can endure the pain, you will survive! Pluto is your guide in times of despair. He is a firm reminder that you are exactly where you need to be, doing exactly what you are supposed to be doing. Pluto encourages us to have unconditional trust in the karmic process.

I like to visualize the energy of this planet as the turning over of heavy, black stones on the bottom of a deep, icy lake. We have to dive deep for this test of endurance. Nothing about this planet is superficial or simple. Plutonian missions are complex, dark and intimidating. I can only promise you that light and awareness await you on the other side of your journeys into the belly of the soul! To find out your personal Pluto sign, click here.


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