Uranus entered cardinal fire sign Aries in May 2010 and will transit here until March 2019.

Rules: Aquarius (fixed air)   //   masculine energy

Uranus is the part of our soul that yearns to rebel and ignite revolution.

Known as the God of the Heavens or the Great Awakener, Uranus is the only planet not named after a Roman god. The moniker comes from Greek god of the sky Ouranos. (Ouranos was the father of Cronos [Saturn] and the grandfather of Zeus [Jupiter].)

In so many ways, Uranus is unique among all the other planets in the solar system. The axis of rotation is almost completely sideways. This means that the North and South poles on Uranus lie close to where the equators fall on other planets. Uranus is bright cyan in color and the coldest planet in the solar system. This planet was also the first to be discovered with a telescope in 1781. All very fitting, considering that Uranus rules technology, innovation, eccentricity, individuality and discovery.

Like the other gas giants, Uranus has rings. It takes this planet 84 years to circle the Sun and 17 hours to spin about his axis. The ice and rock core of Uranus is covered in complex layers of what are thought to be water and methane clouds. I think the composition of the atmosphere is a lovely metaphor for the nature of the sign this planet rules: fixed air Aquarius. The element air moves and behaves in strange and unpredictable ways. The Aquarian mind can change speed and direction without warning. Conversations with people born under this sign may cover many, many subjects and last for hours.

Aquarians are particularly drawn to teaching, scientific professions and/or working with technology such as cameras, social media and electrical work. When balanced, Aquarians have lots of friends and enjoy talking. You can usually find Aquarians involved in the following: extreme activities like bungee jumping, alternative/progressive communities, working with outcast or disadvantaged populations, traveling the world, healing arts, mysticism or occultism, homeschooling, midwifery, videography/photography, unorthodox belief systems or anything at all that breaks the mold or defies stereotypes.

I like to visualize Aquarius as the winds of change. Aquarians focus on spreading messages of social justice and equality to the rest of humanity. Many feel a deep need to share their wisdom and thereby revolutionize the world. This is where the fixed modality in this sign becomes quite apparent. When imbalanced, Aquarians are notorious for being obstinate and insisting that their way is the best way. It is true that Aquarians are extraordinary and unique, but it is important that they respect choices made by others. Often people born under this sign struggle to understand why other people cannot be as open-minded, adventurous, self-confident, spontaneous or unique as they are.

Uranus is all about freedom. He defies tradition and embraces novelty. The energy of this planet is innovative, original and progressive. Areas associated with Uranus are enlightenment, objectivity, ingenuity and investigation. When balanced, Uranian energy is extremely intuitive and rebellious. It is the spark that lights the fuse of curiosity. When imbalanced, Uranian energy can manifest as recklessness, restlessness, extremity, forcefulness, overreaction and irresponsibility. The essence of Uranus manifests most clearly when observing the way Aquarians love to make waves and disrupt the agenda of The Man. Listen to Uranus, the Magician by Gustav Holst from his Planetary Suite. Amazing.

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