Rules: Gemini (mutable air) and Virgo (mutable earth)   //   masculine energy

Mercury is the part of our soul that desires communication with others.

Mercury’s proximity to our star makes it the planet with the greatest temperature fluctuation in the solar system. Like Venus and the Moon, Mercury appears in a complete range of phases as seen from Earth. Venus and Mercury are the only planets without any moons.

Mercury is known as the Messenger of the Gods. In mythology, Mercury was protector of liars, thieves, merchants, shepherds and gamblers. Mercury rules expression, learning and communication – how do you approach others? What studies attract you? What do you like to talk about? These are all questions that Mercury answers in your chart. Balanced mercurial energy is lively, inquisitive, open, swift and versatile.

Mercury rules two signs: mutable air Gemini and mutable earth Virgo. When balanced, people born under these signs are especially known for their ability to see past surface illusions and innately understand the inner workings of a given person, situation or problem. Their minds are like investigators peering into the underbelly. More than anything, they love to learn and exchange ideas with others. People who have Mercury strong in the birth chart have a tendency to over-analyze and pick at things. Mercury wants to know how something works so he pulls everything to pieces. By understanding the parts, we understand the whole.

Mercurial energy can be quite detached and unemotional. Gemini is notorious for being flighty, indecisive, noncommittal and aloof. Many with strong Gemini energy make odd first impressions when being introduced by someone else to a group of people – often they will not say anything or appear to ignore everyone! This is because they are feeling out the situation with a quiet intensity. The Gemini dream is that someone will acknowledge, understand and appreciate this silence. Geminis are experts at meeting and chatting up strangers, but many are very picky and have a hard time forming close, long-term relationships. In my opinion, Gemini is the most mutable of all the signs.

Mercury loves to change and adapt. Indeed, this is the very meaning of the word mutable. Many Geminis and Virgos enjoy frequently changing up their appearance or taking on new personas, even on a daily basis. A common fantasy is to travel the world and become a new person at each destination. They are infatuated with mystery. I have observed that mercurial types become very easily intrigued by other people, quickly developing passionate romantic feelings or a “friend crush.” However, at the first moment of doubt, they map drop these new interests altogether.

Mercurial energy is akin to quicksilver. After all, he is the fastest moving planet in our solar system with an orbital period of 88 days. (However, as is the case with Venus, it takes Mercury 176 days to spin on his axis. This amounts to one day for every two years!) This speed is reflected in both the physical and mental body of those who have prominent mercurial traits. They can be extremely fidgety, to the point where they are never sitting still and feel cagey when they must do so. Mercurial types also love puzzles, word games or anything that honors their proficiency in writing, reading and speaking. When playing games, these types are usually the fastest and wittiest.

Unlike Gemini, Virgo is a bit more grounded, being an earth sign. However, the Virgo mind is equally prone to over-analyzing things. I would say that Virgo energy tends more towards neuroticism, worrying and obsessive-compulsive thoughts when imbalanced. When this is properly channeled, Virgo energy is exceptionally detail-oriented, organized and practical. Virgo practicality can easily be taken to the extreme, becoming overly logical to the point of coldness. Many Virgos end up in professions that require a lot of detail work or highly repetitious tasks.

Mercurial energy is highly curious. Mercury lives in the mind rather than the heart. Similar to the rising sign, Mercury acts as our public mask: the part of us who does the meeting and greeting. Mercury reveals how and what we say/write, including concision, word choice, speed and articulation. Mercury also denotes how we collate information; when thoughts, sensory data and messages from the subconscious are all coming at you at once, how well do you sort everything out and make sense of it all?

A keyword that comes to mind with mercurial energy is nervous; mercurial types often have an unmistakable nervous aura. When imbalanced, it is very difficult for them to calm down and be in the present moment. Their minds are constantly wandering and their hands are often playing with something. All of this mental energy comes in very handy in academic or professional settings! Both Gemini and Virgo are known for their intellectual prowess. If they can focus for long enough, they are great at studying because they absorb information quickly and systematically. Mercury is expert at processing new data and finding out where it fits. Click here to ascertain your personal Mercury sign.


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