Rules: Taurus (fixed earth) and Libra (cardinal air)   //   feminine energy

Venus is known as the Goddess of Love.

If you were able to stand on the surface of Venus, which you probably can’t do unless you are superhuman and frequently endure average temperatures of 864 degrees Fahrenheit (Venus is the hottest planet in the solar system), you wouldn’t be able to see the Sun or the stars. The atmosphere of Venus is completely covered in opaque sulfuric clouds, trapping the Sun’s heat and radiation and creating a massive greenhouse effect. However, if you could somehow part the clouds, you would discover that the Sun rises in the West and sets in the East on Venus. This is because Venus is the only planet in the solar system that spins about her axis in a clockwise direction.

As with the Moon in her orbit of the Earth, Venus is tidally locked to the Sun. It takes Venus about 225 days to circle the Sun and 234 to spin on her axis. That’s right, days are longer than years on Venus. She is also one of the few planets without any moons. Venus is the both the closest planet in distance and size to Earth.

Venus rules two signs. As ruler of fixed earth sign Taurus, Venusian energy manifests in the need for security and sensuality. In cardinal air sign Libra, Venus reveals her love for harmony, beauty and balance. Both signs have a deep interest in art and aesthetic. Venus indicates our tastes and pleasures. When I think of Venus, value comes to mind. She encourages us to live a life that is both pleasurable and creative. Like the Moon, she wants us to be happy and comfortable.

Venusian energy is sentimental rather than emotional. She rules relationships with others; the Moon speaks to the nature of the emotional relationship with the Self. Venus is refined yet lavish. When Venusian energy is imbalanced, there is a tendency for laziness, indulgence, vanity, superficiality and overspending. When balanced, Venus is the master of attraction. She indicates what kind of energy we exude and what kind of energy attracts us.

Venus rules attachments. In Taurus, these attachments are material: home, possessions, money. In Libra, the attachments refer to our friends and lovers. In seeking balance, Venus draws us towards peace. Venus encourages us to take care of ourselves and others. Any time we make a significant change in our appearance, Venusian energy is present.

I like to think of Venus as a house cat: lover of leisure and physical comfort. Through Venus we are shown the pleasure of a nap; a vacation; gourmet food; a symphony performance; ballet; a hot coffee drink; the perfect sweater; a beautiful home; a soulmate; a bar of chocolate; sexual transcendence; a good book; cuddling; a trip to the spa; self-care; a day at the beach. Venus teaches that it is both necessary and acceptable to indulge once in awhile. We all deserve to love and be loved, experience material success and take it easy from time to time. Listen to Venus, Bringer of Peace from The Planets Suite by Gustav Holst.

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