Rules: Aries (cardinal fire)   //   masculine energy

Mars is the divine masculine within us.
Classically he is known as the God of War. Mars is the planet of physical energy and sexual desire. He represents the will to survive and our carnal instincts. Imbalanced Martian energy manifests as aggression, rage, acting without thinking and extreme sexual urges.

Mars has two small moons: Phobos and Deimos. It takes Mars about 1.8 years to circle the Sun. Most modern space exploration has focused on Mars since, after Venus, he is the closest and most habitable of all the other planets in our solar system. At one time Mars supported a thriving biosphere, but this was all destroyed when a huge asteroid passed very close to the planet millions of years ago, causing the atmosphere to evaporate. Much of the water is now locked in Mars’ crust.

Like the Sun, Mars is very active; however, Martian energy is not necessarily creative. The drive here lies in the body and flesh, unlike Venus, who rules romantic attraction. The heat you feel in your body when you compete, argue or experience sexual attraction is the fire of Mars. The nature of your drive belongs to Mars. In astrology, Mars denotes sexual preferences and appetite, temperament and the nature of the things that really push our buttons.

Balanced Martian energy is similar to solar, but more bold, honest and adventurous. I like to visualize solar energy as a flaming bow and arrow, and Mars as a ball of fire released from a trebuchet – equally powerful, just a bit more unruly and potentially directionless.

Mars rules cardinal fire sign Aries. As with imbalance in the ram, negative Martian energy manifests as impatience, uncontrollable impulse, brashness and force. The cardinal modality is clearly present in the basic nature of Martian domains: sex, bloodlust, action. These are things that we need to live and procreate. Mars is rudimentary and essential. He speaks to our passion and physical prowess. Whenever you feel the need to (figuratively) grab shield and spear to defend yourself, family or way of life, you channel the blaze of Mars.

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