Full Moon in Aquarius #2 ♒ Aug 22, 2021

artist: Ambers Textiles Sunday, Aug 22 at 5:02 am PST Just 9 hours before Virgo Season begins, we have another full moon in Aquarius. That’s right y’all, get ready for round 2. We just had a Full Moon in Aquarius on July 23. Sometimes we get 2 full moons in a row in the same constellation Read More

Uranus Retrograde in Taurus ♅ Aug 19 – Jan 18

Aug 19, 2021 – Jan 18, 2022 Planets in retrograde are not spinning backwards – it is an optical illusion as seen from Earth due to the fact that planets travel at their own respective speeds around the sun. In astrology, this illusion manifests as a “backwards” functioning of the planetary roles. Click here to learn more Read More

Venus in Libra ♀ 2021

artist: Amy Ross Aug 15 – Sep 10, 2021 Venus: goddess of art, romance, pleasure, and beauty. Venus transits speak to the heart. Venus rules luxurious Libra (and Taurus), so she is returning “home” now, which is a very good thing. This is one of the most poignant transits of the year because it illuminates how much our Read More

First Quarter Moon in Scorpio ☽ Aug 14, 2021

Sunday, Aug 15 @ 8:21 am PST The waning Leo sun squares the waxing moon in Scorpio. Moonrise at noon, peak at dusk, moonset at midnight in all time zones. This moon phase follows the rejuvenating New Moon in Leo on Aug 8. First quarter phases clarify for the coming lunar cycle. Get ready for another Full Moon in Aquarius on Read More

Mercury in Virgo ☿ 2021

artist: Sander Berg Aug 11-29, 2021 Mercury lives in the mind, communication, and throat chakra. Now we get to experience mercuriality in its most quintessential form, as Mercury rules the constellation of Virgo (and Gemini), the busy bees of the zodiac. Also in Virgo at this time: Mars, Venus, and soon the sun as well. Virgo Season begins Read More

New Moon in Leo 🐱 Aug 8, 2021

artist: Ameya’s Realm Sunday, Aug 8 at 6.50 am PST Welcome to Leo Season, where the New Moon falls in the constellation of the zesty lion. Leo is a fire sign representing our heart, ego, and relationship to Self. Drive and confidence soar with these celestial flames. New moons are new beginnings. This time we’re revamping our relationship to ourselves. Read More

Last Quarter Moon in Taurus ☾ July 31, 2021

Saturday, July 31 @ 6.18 am PDT The Waning Last Quarter Moon rises at midnight, peaks at dawn, and sets at noon all over the world. At this station, the earthy moon in Taurus squares the proud Leo sun. Last quarter moons are turning points or crossroads, clearing the way for the new moon / new lunar cycle. Read More

Mars in Virgo ♂ 2021

July 29 – Sep 14, 2021 With Mars in Leo since early June, we are becoming ever stronger in the heart and more independent. We are vastly improving our relationship with ourselves. We are more confident, decisive, straightforward, honest. Leo times are also silly, generous, and enthusiastic. We hold our loved ones close and excitedly tell Read More

Mercury in Leo ☿ 2021

July 27 – Aug 11, 2021 Mercury rules the mind, communication, and throat chakra. Mercury in Leo gives us a confident, vivacious voice. Each summer, Leo’s golden energy brings romance and laughter. Also in Leo at this time: the sun and Mars. Mercury in Leo is designed to boost our self-esteem and fill our mind with Read More