Venus in Taurus ♀ 2023

Mar 16 – Apr 10, 2023 With Venus in Aries for the last week, all relationships have been pushed in a new, fiery direction. The cosmos are not fucking around. Call in Aries’ strength and confidence, we’re going to need it to get through the rest of Pisces season. Venus in Aries is ravenous, fervent, impatient, Read More

Last Quarter Moon in Sagittarius ☾ Mar 14, 2023

artist: Lou Benesch Tuesday, Mar 14 at 7:08 pm PDT The Waning Last Quarter Moon rises at midnight, peaks at dawn, and sets at noon in all time zones. At this station, the starry-eyed moon in Sagittarius squares the wavy Sun in Pisces. Last quarter moons are turning points. They clear the way for the new moon / Read More

Saturn in Pisces ♄ 2023-2026

Mar 7, 2023 – Feb 13, 2026 Saturn enters Pisces, the sign of creativity and metamorphosis. I will talk about this at length in a moment. First a recap of Saturn in Aquarius from March 2020 – present. Saturn in Aquarius was my first Saturn Return and holy shit…I hardly have the words. What I wrote back Read More

Full Worm Moon in Virgo ♍ Mar 7, 2023

artist: Zhang Yidan Tuesday, Mar 7 at 4:40 am PDT The March full moon is called the Worm Moon, with earthworm castings beginning to reappear in the soil. The moon will rise at sunset, peak at midnight and set at sunrise all over the world, no matter your time zone. Sun and moon oppose one Read More

Mercury in Pisces ☿ 2023

artist: Rachel Newling Mar 2-18, 2023 Mercury rules communication and the throat chakra. When Mercury the Intellect swims in Pisces’ emotion-ocean, the heart opens to the mind. Pisces is all about love, creativity, and imagination. This is the best time to gently address all that has been internalized over the last year. How can you Read More

First Quarter Moon in Gemini ☽ Feb 27, 2023

artist: Yayoi Kusama Monday, Feb 27 at 12:05 am PDT The Pisces Sun squares the insanely busy moon in Gemini. At the first quarter, the moon rises at noon, peaks at dusk, and sets at midnight all over the world. This waxing first quarter moon propels us forward at breakneck speed into the next lunar cycle. Quarter Read More

Venus in Aries ♀ 2023

artist: Sander Berg Feb 19 – Mar 16, 2023 With Venus in Pisces since the end of January, relationships of all kinds have seen a climax and resolution unfold. Pisces is the last sign in the zodiac and represents endings. There is nothing rational or logical about this proverbial death process. Most of the time it’s actually Read More

New Moon in Pisces 🐠 Feb 19, 2023

artist: ameyasrealm Sunday, Feb 19 at 11:06 pm PST Every month the moon spins into the same constellation as the sun. This lunar-solar conjunction is what we call a new moon. This month the moon and sun spiral together in diaphanous Pisces, the last sign in the zodiac. It’s time to release, let go, and prepare Read More

Pisces Season 🐠 2023

Artist: Ningiukulu Teevee Feb 18 – Mar 20 (Spring Equinox), 2023 Your sun sign is just one planet in your star soup. Contact me for a natal chart reading to learn more! Happy birthday mermaids! At the end of the zodiac wheel, Pisces calls from her opal cove. She is the constellation of two fish chasing Read More

Last Quarter Moon in Scorpio ☾ Feb 13, 2023

Skeleton mosaic by Gianlorenzo Bernini, c.1650 Monday, Feb 13 @ 8:01 am PST The Waning Last Quarter Moon rises at midnight, peaks at dawn, and sets at noon all over the world. Here the the obsidian moon in Scorpio squares the delightful Aquarian sun. This phase prepares us for the New Moon in Pisces on Feb 19. Read More